High Performance Linear System with Actuator RPM+

  • Motor, gearhead, pinion and rack all from one supplier!

More dynamic – More compact – More precise

Extra performance: Extremely dynamic, extremely compact and perfectly adapted to linear applications with a pinion and rack. It combines superior power density and a functional design in one unit - leading to effective length savings and a more compact design than ever!


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  • System expansion
  • Options
  • Technical data
  • Your benefits
  • Versions
  • Wide selection of racks and pinions
  • Cables for power and signaling, drag-chain-compatible, pre-assembled for selected servo controllers

You can choose from:

  • Permanent magnet holding brake 
  • EnDat 2.1 or Hiperface absolute encoder 
  • TTL incremental encoder with Hall effect signal 
  • DRIVECLiQ, EnDat 2.2, Hiperface DSL (on request) 
  • KTY and PTC temperature sensors 
  • Intermediate circuit voltage of 320 or 560 VDC 
  • Straight or angled integral sockets or terminal boxes 
  • Various pinion designs (module, number of teeth)


4 sizes

  • Max. output speed 16 to 1,500 RPMs
  • Max. output torque 700 to 10,000 Nm 
  • Max. motor capacity 5.9 to 183.5 kW
  • Installation length 354 to 938 mm (incl. pinion)

Increased productivity: Limited moment of inertia for the actuator and high rigidity in the drive train provide for maximum precision and power.

Higher efficiency The combination of low torsional backlash, an output bearing with a high degree of tilting rigidity and integration of the gearhead pinion in the motor shaft provides for smaller motors, reduced energy consumption and lower investment costs.

Higher precision: Low levels of operating noise due to helical teeth and outstanding control properties provide enhanced precision in your machinery and plants.

Highly compact motor/gearhead unit consisting of a precision planetary gearhead and permanent-magnet-excited synchronous servo motor with resolver. UL certified. With and without water cooling in combination with one, two and three-stage gearhead and pinion that is welded on directly, modules 3 to 8.