Mechatronic drive systems for the PUMA

The PUMA is the German army's new APC for challenging overseas deployments. We have developed reliable electromagnetic solutions for the following applications

  • Munition feed and change  
  • Main weapons system  
  • Grenade launcher system
  • Turret lashing
  • Drive of main and auxiliary weaponry

Products used in the PUMA

Elevation gearboxes

Compact, special gearboxes which are protected against environmental influences for direct attachment to a motor.

Control/ power electronics

Four-axis control and power electronics for AC servo motors with an integrated EMC filter

High-torque servo system

 High-torque servo system with integrated electronics and filter for ammunition feed (magazine drive).

High-performance servo motors

High-performance servo motors for main weapon drive.

Gun Laying Gear

Compact environmental proved gun laying gear for direct motor mount.

Compact Linear Actuator

Linear actuator for cocking of the auxiliary machine gun.

Rotary Actuator

Rotary medium torque actuator for ammunition selection.

Small Rotary System with Integrated Electronics

Small Rotary System for automatic turret traverse locking.

Rotary Actuator

Rotary High Torque Actuator for ammunition feeding.

Rotary System with Integrated Electronic

Rotary Small System for automatic turret elevation locking.

Mechatronic drive systems for the PUMA