Defense for Land and Naval Applications

WITTENSTEIN motion control offers tailored actuation solutions for Defense system integrators. 

We design, build, qualify, and deliver customized high-performance electro-mechanical drive systems to meet:

  • Customers’ specific requirements, 
  • Severe environmental constraints,
  • Demanding safety and quality standards.

Our defense products leverage a strong in-house expertise and long track record in military applications; and benefit from WITTENSTEIN group‘s technical excellence and innovation in designing and developing electronics, software, motors, gearboxes, and kinematics. We offer comprehensive technical solutions with optimized performance controlled over the entire chain of individual components.

Weapon and Sensor Systems

WITTENSTEIN motion control military-grade electro-mechanic drive systems deliver reliable, accurate, and rapid actuation functions for high performance weapon and sensor systems; including stabilization, laying and alignment (elevation/traverse) for the following applications: 

  • Radars & Lidars
  • Active Protection Systems,
  • Gun Turret and RCWS, 
  • Anti-UAV systems
  • Pan & tilt systems and gimbals
  • Automatic handling, selection and cocking of ammunition (shell, torpedo, missile, chaff, decoys…)
  • Missile launchers, 
  • Electro-optical sensors



Rotary Drive for High Speed Defense Applications

Combat Vehicles

WITTENSTEIN motion control is empowering the current transformation of the combat vehicle platform. We offer ad-hoc mechatronic solutions which contribute toward electrification and safer, more discreet, more agile, more flexible, and greener combat vehicles. 

Our offer encompasses customized solutions for:

  • E-mobility including hybrid or electric propulsion technologies, 
  • X-by-Wire technology applicable to driving functions: steering, brake, throttle…
  • Parasitic load mitigation
  • Deployment of onboard payloads (radar systems, missile canisters, howitzers…) or opening/closing of onboard equipment (doors, hatches or ramps) via fully electric actuation.

Surface Vessels

WITTENSTEIN motion control offers unsurpassed mechatronics solutions when it comes to actuating naval systems on board surface vessels. Our solutions are designed to withstand harsh naval environment and permit to transition numerous systems from hydraulic to electro mechanic actuation. Our actuation solutions apply to: 

  • Naval sensor and effectors (see Weapon and sensor systems)
  • Torpedo handling & Launching Systems
  • Hull-sonar hoisting systems
  • Towed Array Sonar Handling and Launch Systems
  • Ammunitions & Cargo lifts
  • Aircraft Handling & Lift Systems
  • Davits & LARS
  • Stabilizers & Rudder Actuators 
  • Hatches/doors, machinery & auxiliaries, valves and fluid pumps, capstans, windlasses, secondary propulsion systems, safety systems…

Submarines and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)

Naval manned and unmanned subsea platforms rely on stealthy systems to ensure their acoustic and magnetic discretions. For these, WITTENSTEIN motion control has pioneered in offering electro-mechanic actuators to supplement legacy hydraulic-powered system with unrivalled acoustic and magnetic performance and extreme reliability and safety. WITTENSTEIN motion control offers customized solutions to support system integrators in supplying next generation systems for underwater defense:

  • Steering & Hydroplane Actuation Systems 
  • Mast raising Equipment
  • Towed Array Handling Systems
  • Weapon Handling & Launching Systems 
  • Communication Buoyant Wire Antenna Systems
  • Valve Actuation & fluid pumps 
  • Auxiliary or back-up propulsion
  • Electric arms